1. Real estate brokerage

Buying, selling, leasing of properties.

Manage closing processes. Client support during the whole process, including:

- Property showing.

- Property search service. Sources include: Street and online search, as well as real estate contacts (brokers, managers, developers, etc.)

- Price and contract negotiation.

- Contact with approved network of suppliers (Lawyers, tax advisors, notaries public, etc.) which offer potential discounts to DRE clients.


2. Market Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative market information analysis, with the intention to help clients take better business decisions, based on offer and demand market parameters.


3. Financial Analysis

Production of financial models, which indicate return over investment, cost and time of development, etc., including “Highest and Best use”.


4. Consulting Services

We advice or supervise our clients on their real estate processes, which may be at different stages: acquisition, construction, management, disposition, etc.


5. Business Plan Production

We create business plans based on the specific needs of our clients, including: acquisition, construction, management, disposition, etc.


6. Real Estate Development 

As Project managers, we supervise new construction or renovations focused on maximizing our clients financial returns, as well as ensuring the most efficient use of time and capital.


7. Property Management 

We manage properties constantly analyzing ways to efficiently use capital, keep occupation levels high, while maintaining properties at optimal physical state.


8. Project Management

We coordinate projects in a comprehensive manner, including: coordinating all actors and elements of a project, market study, financial analysis, architecture, marketing strategy. Always keeping track of capital and time.


9. Marketing Strategies 

Production of well-rounded marketing strategies which include: client and product definition, follow up on building stage, price strategies, logistics for attracting clients, publicity, promotion, PR and customer service.


10. Real estate appraisals

Elaboration of commercial appraisals to be able to value the price of a property based on different techniques such as cost or Income capitalization approach.


11. Real Estate Courses

We provide real estate courses for several topics:

- Real estate entrepreneurship / Business plan development.

- Market studies.

- Financial analysis.

- Marketing strategies.

- Real estate appraisals.


DRE is a registered company at AMPI (Mexican association for real estate professionals).